In order to upload DNA oligonucleotides, please execute the following steps:

Download the Biolegio Excel order form

Download Form

Fill in the Excel form

Open the Excel file and ready the instructions on the first sheet. Enter your DNA/RNA Oligonucleotides in the corresponding sheet, for tube order OR plate order

Save your Excel file on your computer

Save as Excel file (XLS/XLSX)

Select your Excel file

The web-shop will automatically select the delivery format (tube or plate and plate orientation) depending on the filled tab on your order form. Please check the field “delivery format” after uploading

Start import



Select your Oligo from the favorie list in the drop-down menu.
Click "Add" to add the chosen oligo to your order.

You can enter the number of additional desired Oligos here, the order table will be extended with the denoted lines.

Please choose your delivery format, like tubes or plate format & orientation from the drop down menu.
If you need plates with empty wells, please use our upload entry with our excel order form.
Please proof the correct delivery format after upload.

For "Custom" dissolved oligos a query to Biolegio is necessary.
Choose Custom and enter the desired values in the popup.
On submit you need to enter a quote reference number for this specific order.

If you have not yet received one, continue your order normally. You will be prompted to send a query when submitting.

Please use a standard Excel Sheet.
Enter oligo names (max 25 characters) & sequence in separated columns.
Mark all oligos you want to add to your order and copy/paste the text into the popup.


Important Remark:
Don’t use : ; , " \ / * ? | # Tabulator.
If you fill out a second email address, the confirmation of an oligonucleotide order will not only be sent to the main email address, but to the second address as well.
cannot be offered within a punchout session, because the final price calculation depends on the samples you are turning in.
To order this service, you need to open the Biolegio webshop directly at the link below. This will end the current punchout session:
or call us at:
+31 024 358 6885
Help for Payment method needs to be added here

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